Dear Granny

Today I said goodbye to one of my heroes.

Today I said fairwell to the beginning of my memories.

Today I realised why my son smiles all the time.

Today I realised why I have so much strength.

Today I realised why I pick myself up, never dwell on negativity and keep smiling.

Today I realised how I attracted a partner who smiles and never holds onto negativity.

Today I realised where the source of smiles came from.

Today was a good day.

Dear Granny,

You lit up the room when you entered with your impeccable appearance, smart suits, hats, brooches and shoes. Never a hair out of place and your beauty shining through the very minimal makeup you wore.

In every memory and every photo I've seen, you look glamorous, like the heroines in the movies

You are our heroine granny.

You showed us how to be ladies.

You told us to look smart and hold our heads high.

Tomorrow I will think twice about leaving the house in my sports wear or doing a Facebook live in my dressing gown.

You are our heroine.

You are the original "girl power" in our lives, before the Spice Girls.

The pain you must have felt losing two husbands and countless friends who departed before their time.

You recovered from every adversity, built a life for your children, moved across the country, set up your own business and you always wore a smile.

You loved Scotland, the countryside and the songs.

You loved your family and put them first before all else.

You taught your children the same and they taught us.

Now I'm teaching my son what I learned from you and I didn't even know it.

Today I know what the source of smiling is.

It is you!


Love you always Dear Granny.





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