Hello, thank you for stopping by. My name is Jo. I am a mum, wife, sister, friend, daughter, plant food enthusiast and runner.


My hope for this space is to inspire you in some way to experiment with more plant-based foods and enjoy the amazing tastes and flavours they create.


I will share my passion for plant-based living, sustainability, my favourite recipes, cruelty-free products and running tips.


My Blog's Name


The name for my Blog came from ongoing jokes among friends about the little cupboard in my kitchen which was always full of "bird seed" and all different types of "superfood". My husband still refers to it as "the Jo cupboard" which came from the day I tried to substitute his maryland cookies with caramel rice cakes.


My Offering..


Refillable nut milk in returnable glass bottles


I make organic, dairy-free, refillable almond milk and peanut milk for people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire who want a more sustainable, zero waste milk in their cereal. It's the only nut milk in Scotland you can buy in returnable, refillable glass bottles!! 


You can purchase my organic, dairy free, zero waste milk in Refillosophy in Aberdeen or via my subscription service which you can sign up for here.


Online workshops: how to make nut and oat milk at home 


Only 27% of Tetra Pak is recycled globally according to the Tetra Pak Sustainability Report (2020).


I am creating a movement of plant-based milk makers via my online workshops. I will show you how to make your own creamy nut milk and oat milk at home and replace one Tetra Pak carton per week with delicious homemade oat milk and nut milk. Click here to find out when the next workshop is.


Sharing plant-based brands


I'm always keen to learn about and share content focussed on sustainable, vegan and cruelty free breands. Please contact me to enquire about collaborations. 


More about me...


I'm a storyteller, fact-focussed researcher and creative writer. I'm a passionate plant-based cook, who tries to please my family with a home-made dinner most nights. I also fail a lot. I share my musings about the world here and on Instagram through my @joshealthycupboard account and @jo_runs_ultra.


Just over 6 years ago I starting making a transition towards a plant-based lifestyle. I didn't really know what I was doing. I had started using cruelty free makeup and skincare and I met a few people who inspired me and they were vegan. 


I never thought I'd be able to go all the way. I just thought I'd try and reduce my intake of animal products. One thing led to another. I became more and more passionate about avoiding cruelty and choosing compassion for other living beings.


I learned about the harm that animal agricultural does to the environment and I couldn't go back. Since I took those initial steps I've moved to a fully plant-based lifestyle. 


My background 


After school I went to university, initially studying history and philosophy. After graduating I wanted to work in television or radio for the BBC. I pursued an MA in Broadcast Journalism and was lucky to go straight into working for the BBC (after a lot of free work experience). I started on a weekly radio program and latterly worked as a researcher on factual television programs. I loved my job and got to travel and meet lots of cool people. Many of whom I still call friends.


After 6 years I wanted experience in the private sector so I went to work as a Research and Project Manager for a consultancy business. I've worked with large and small organisations on exciting and varied projects.


Falling pregnant & having my son changed my mindset about many things. I had a new love in my life and a renewed purpose that really made me focus on what I wanted for myself and for him.


I started focusing on my health & wellbeing so I could be the best version of myself for him.


I love connecting with new people so please don't be shy and get in touch with any questions or comments.




Jo x