Hello, thank you for stopping by. My name is Jo. I am a mum, wife, sister, friend, daughter, healthy food enthusiast and runner.


My hope for this space is to inspire you in some way to become a healthier, happier you, to experiment more with plant-based foods and maybe even start running.


I will share my passion for plant-based living, sustainability, my favourite recipes, cruelty-free products and running tips.


My Blog's Name

The name for my Blog came from ongoing jokes among friends about the little cupboard in my kitchen which was always full of "bird seed" and all different types of "superfood". My husband still refers to it as "the Jo cupboard" which came from the day I tried to substitute his maryland cookies with caramel rice cakes.


My Offering..



I run healthier treat & cake workshops as well as a monthly collaboration (Coconut & Cashew) with my friend Nicola. Check out more about our collaboration here.



I offer a bespoke service to share brands & product across my platforms. I write to a journalistic standard, crafting posts, original recipes and images to promote ethical, health encouraging brands. I work with brands who match my values and areas of interest. Please contact me to enquire about collaborations. 


More about me...

I'm a self taught & passionate plant-based cook and healthy treat maker. I share my musings about the world here & on YouTube.


Due to various gut-health problems and a growing interest in the environment I starting making a gradual transition to a plant-based lifestyle about 4 years ago.


If I had to label myself I'd say I'm 'vegetarian' but you can read more about my journey here.


I'm currently training for my third marathon in November.


My background 

After school I went to university, initially studying history and philosophy. After graduating I wanted to work in television or radio for the BBC. I pursued an MA in Broadcast Journalism and was lucky to go straight into working for the BBC (after a lot of free work experience). I started on a weekly radio program and latterly worked as a researcher on factual television programs. I loved my job and got to travel and meet lots of cool people. Many of whom I still call friends.


After 6 years I wanted experience in the private sector so I went to work as a Research and Project Manager for a consultancy business, where I still work part-time. I've worked with large and small organisations on exciting and varied projects. We won't go into detail about the distance learning law degree as I haven't made much use of that!


Falling pregnant & having my son changed my mindset about many things and I started focusing on my health & wellbeing.


I wanted more time in my life whilst continuing to develop skills and growing something for myself.


I started an online business with Arbonne International in 2014. This enabled me to create an income outside of my day job and gave me the confidence and business skills to zone in on my passion for health & wellness. This led to Jo's Healthy Cupboard and all that now comes with it.


I love connecting with new people so please don't be shy and get in touch with any questions or comments.




Jo x