Vegan journey

Vegan journey · 13. March 2018
Hello friends, I hope you are all well this week and enjoying the dry weather. Today's post is a slightly different one. We are going to talk about lifestyle and food labels. At the weekend a question was asked at our workshop, which got me thinking about how I describe the way I eat, my lifestyle and food choices. The question was what is a "plant based" diet anyway?. This is a term I often use to describe my own diet so it got me pondering. When we talk about veganism and vegetarianism, they...
Vegan journey · 28. November 2017
Following my vegan/vegetarian Christmas Blog post, I've been thinking about Christmas presents. I've been looking at gifts which are more sustainable and won't end up in a cupboard a few weeks later, things that might be appreciated by someone who is health conscious, new to plant-based living or interested in sustainability or companies with an ethos of giving back.
Vegan journey · 02. November 2017
This isn’t something I’ve talked in detail about on my social media posts in the past but I’ve decided I am going to be unapologetically me on my Blog and talk freely about who I am and what I believe. And because it’s World Vegan Month it seems like the right time to share my journey. I’m not sure where to start or where the beginning is but I will do my best to explain how I’ve got to where I am and where I am going. When I was at university I dabbled with being a vegetarian for a...