Revitalise and Refuel

Yoga & healthier treats with Jo & Jo

Date: 29th March 2020

Time: 2-4pm

Venue: Chapelton of Elswick


Overview: Jo's revitalise yoga session will explore the state of equilibrium tied in with the Spring Equinox. We are at a point in the year where day and night are the same length before the Surya (sun) tips the balance in her favour. This workshop will bring balance to breath, body and mind. An awakening yoga session will ignite your Agni (digestive fire) in preparation for Jo's healthier treats.


My treats & snacks will focus on Sattvic ingredients that are pure, fresh, clean and full of life force energy. You will learn how to make a simple healthy treat, including a short demo, and talk about choosing food mindfully and preparing it with love, for a positive impact on mind and body. You will leave the workshop feeling relaxed and having tried several healthier snacks and treats. You will go home with two of my recipes so you can recreate these yourself.