A membership community that is here to support you on your plant-based, sustainable living journey.


My mission is to support you on your journey towards plant-based living - one step at a time - whether your goal is to move towards a completely plant-based lifestyle, enjoy one or two meat-free meals per week or find cruelty-free and sustainable swaps for your household.


My focus is on family-friendly cooking. You can expect plenty of delicious and nutritious snacks and treats as well as the meals I feed my own family. I make things that work for little taste buds and hopefully appeal to those who are accustomed to eating meat. 

I incorporate every day ingredients, minimal spices and my food doesn't require hours in the kitchen or six different shops. As a busy mum I want to make plant-based living accessible, affordable and fun.


Membership for just £4.99 per month includes:

1. Live weekly recipes for your whole family to enjoy, with a focus on using plant-based ingredients you can find in local shops.

2. Plant-based store cupboard and fridge essentials. If you are short on time, these are your go-to items to whip up something quick and nutritious and my recipes will focus around these items.

3. "Ask the expert" Interviews sharing the skills and knowledge of my network to help get expert answers to all your questions, around plant- based living, sustainability and fitness, from those who are experts in these areas.

4. Monthly plant-based and sustainable swap feature to help you find the best store cupboard & fridge swaps for cooking and baking, as well as household products that will lessen your impact on the environment.

5. A monthly zoom call to engage with the Jo's Healthy Cupboard community.

6. Support from me directly via Facebook and email.

7. Reading and social media lists - resources on where to find the latest research on plant-based living and sustainability and who to follow on social media for engaging and fact-based content.

8. For those who also want to incorporate some more exercise into their daily life, running tips and suggestions based on my 17 years of experience as a long distance runner and 7 years running around my family life.

9. Daily positivity and inspiration.

10. 24/7 access to a community of like-minded people within a safe, non-judgemental environment. We will be chatting about everything from mindfulness and meditation to reusable nappies!


The hardest thing when making changes to your lifestyle can be finding support and similar people on a similar journey at the same time, which is why I've created this community.


Monthly membership of Jo's Healthy Cupboard will provide you with a "tool kit" to make your journey easier and ultimately more fun. This is NOT a diet or weight loss community. I won't be providing any nutrition or dietary advice. It's about supporting anyone who wants to lead a plant-based lifestyle, which includes everything from including more plant foods in your day, to using cruelty free and more sustainable products.


All you need is an Internet connection and the below:

1. Facebook (to join our private members group)

2. An email address for updates

3. Zoom (a free app) if you'd like to join our monthly connects.


Having spent 5 years learning, researching and finding reliable sources to support my plant-based lifestyle journey, I want to make that information available for you, as well as creating a true community atmosphere where everyone can thrive.


I have a journalism and research background. After completing an MA in Broadcast Journalism at one of the UK's top training centres, I spent 6 years working in factual programming at the BBC and 11 years as a Research Manager for a private company. I have been running Jo's Healthy Cupboard for 3 years, delivering plant-based workshops to individuals and businesses, supplying local independent cafes with healthy treats and speaking and exhibiting at events - all to share my passion for plant based living with as many people as possible.


Members of Jo's Healthy Cupboard will benefit from my research and analysis skills, alongside my personal experience, providing you with the most relevant information, and practical skills, hints and tips. I want to fill you with confidence and self belief. I want you to know and truly believe that you're doing the right thing and moving towards a healthier, happier and more sustainable lifestyle, whatever that looks like for you.


I know you're excited to get started but please read through my terms of use page before signing up.


Membership costs just £4.99 (per month) and can be cancelled at any point.


If you're ready to join the club and start your journey with me, click the Join Now button above and I'll be in touch personally to welcome you to the tribe and send you joining instructions.


You will need Facebook to access all the materials and resources in our private group. I can't wait to meet you and support you on your journey.


If you ever have any issues with your membership please get in touch with me directly jo@joshealthycupboard.co.uk. I want all members to be here because they want to be and continue to find value in my content and the community. 


Jo x