100% Natural Plant Mylk with no additives, or preservatives.


Ever since I started drinking soya mylk in 2003 I've been on a search for the tastiest non-dairy mylks on the market and I've tried a LOT of mylks!!


I don't think there is a vegan mylk I haven't tried. I'm constantly on a quest for the very best of the best plant mylk to drink in my coffee, smoothies, cereal and sometimes in a glass with some cookies.


The more mylk I was drinking over the years (and especially during lockdown), the more I began to question where all the Tetra Pack was ending up. Although these are 70-90% paperboard, which is recyclable, they also contain aluminium and a plyethelene cap.


Recycling is a great first step but my goal is to re-use more than recylce. Leading a plant-based lifestyle for me goes beyond kindness to all living beings. It means being kinder to the planet and aiming to reduce my carbon footprint!!


Seeing the cartons in our waste week after week got me thinking about doing a waste audit to look at where most of the waste was coming from. I realised a lot of our waste was coming from plant mylk cartons (we were going through about 8-10 per week) and I began experimenting with my own non-dairy mylk.


I was not happy with my attempts at oat mylk, which were extremely messy, time consuming and disappointing in taste. This led to me seeking solutions online, which was when I came across a special device called a Nutramilk. It's safe to say this has quite literally changed my world.


Since it arrived on my doorstep, I've spent many hours experimenting and making friends with my NutraMilk and I've come up with, what I believe to be, some winning formulas.


I feel so passionate about my 'mylk' and spreading the word of planetary kindness that I've decided to offer a weekly refill service.


Every Monday I will post on Instagram & Facebook, which mylk I am making (available for collection on Friday). There will be a limited volume of mylk each week. I will only offer mylk in glass bottles (500 mls or 1 litre size) to ensure there is no waste associated with my service.


With your first purchase you will be able to rent a reusable glass bottle. This will cost £2.50 for as long as you want it. Thereafter you will only pay for the refill mylk thereafter (providing you bring your bottle back for the refill).


The ingredients I use are organic (wherever possible). I will use organic gluten free oats in my oat mylk. Other oat mylk ingredients include cashews, desiccated coconut, cinnamon & dates for sweetness.


500 mls mylk = £3.50

1000 mls mylk = £4.50


Your order will be confirmed when you contact me and arrange payment via bank transfer or paypal.


Ingredients may vary from week to week. Please contact me to discuss any allergies before ordering jo@joshealthycupboard.co.uk.


Your mylk will last up to 5 days in the fridge.