Refillable nut milks made in Aberdeen


Organic, dairy-free, refillable nut milk in returnable glass bottles, with no additives, or preservatives.


Delivery to Refillosophy in Aberdeen takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Preorder by contacting the shop the day before to get your hands on a bottle of fresh almond or peanut milk.


If you are keen to get a bottle delivered each week, sign up for our subscription service here.


The story behind the milk


Ever since I started drinking soya milk in 2003 I've been on a search for the best non-dairy milks and I've tried a LOT of vegan milks!!


I don't think there is a plant-based milk I haven't tried. I'm constantly on a quest for the very best nut and oat milk to drink in my coffee.


The more dairy-free milk I've drunk over the years (and especially during lockdown), the more I've questioned where all the Tetra Pak ends up. Although these are 70-90% paperboard, which is recyclable, they also contain aluminium and a plyethelene cap.


I got curious and read the Tetra Pak Sustainability Report, which said ONLY 27% of Tetra Pak globally is recycled.


Recycling is a great first step but my goal is to refill and re-use more than I recycle. Leading a plant-based lifestyle goes beyond kindness to all living beings. It means being kinder to the planet and aiming to reduce my carbon footprint!!


Seeing the cartons in our waste week after week got me thinking about doing a waste audit. I realised a lot of our waste was coming from oat and nut milk cartons (we were going through about 8-10 per week) and I began experimenting with making my own oat milk and almond milk.


I started to question the ingredients in the almond milk and oat milk, the additives being added to extend the shelf life and where the ingredients came from. I read the labels more and noticed most almond milks only contained 1-2% almonds and most plant milks have different oils and gums added.


There's been a lot of media attention around Californian Almonds, some of which you can read here . This was one of the reasons I never drank almond milk much and the fact I didn't enjoy the taste, which is no wonder with 2% almond content.


Less has been said about the ethics of other nuts but lockdown got me into research mode and I learned about the working conditions of many women who shell cashew nuts (an ingredient I use a lot). You can read more about that here if it's of interest. 


I haven't solved any of these problems but I have been speaking with people in the Fairtrade nut industry to find out more and understand whether Fairtrade nuts could be an option for my nut milks as my business grows.


For now I'm committed to only using almonds from Europe (Spain or Italy) and I'm committed to using organic ingredients wherever I can, no oils, preservatives or fillers and making my refillable non-dairy milks with a higher percentage of nuts, so they taste creamy and delicious.


My peanut milk and almond milk contain 13% nuts and I can guarantee a taste you won't have ever experienced from a Tetra Pak nut milk. 


Zero waste nut milks


My aim is to build a thriving business that does good, that's good for people and planet, rooted in Scotland, for the people of Scotland, with authenticity at it's core. 


I offer almond milk and peanut milk in refillable, returnable glass bottles to ensure there is zero waste associated with my milks and to be part of the circular economy.


With your first purchase you rent a reusable glass bottle. This costs £1 for as long as you want it. Thereafter you only pay for the refill milk (providing you bring your bottle back for the refill).


I'm committed to using 100% organic ingredients and a much larger percentage of nuts (13%) than most shop-bought almond milks, which contain 1-3% nuts.

Small batch, fresh nut milk


My milk is made in small batches the day before, or the day you receive it. I have completed a series of Laboratory tests on my almond milk and peanut milk to ensure they are suitable for consumption. I used a very experienced Food Consultant to ensure I met the highest standards.


I hold a Level 2 Health and Hygiene Certificate and have full authorisation from Aberdeen City Council's Environmental Health and Trading Standards Team to commence production.


I do not use thickeners (no carrageenan or gums), preservatives or sweeteners in my milks. All the ingredients are real whole foods.


The left over nut pulp will be turned into delicious, high protein soda bread, which you will be able to purchase too.  


Almond milk & cashew milk ingredients - water, nuts (prepared using 10% organic whole almonds, organic cashew nuts 3%), organic dates, pinch of salt.


Almond milk may contain traces of peanuts, soy, sesame and gluten.


UK first peanut milk!


A flavourful milk that is creamy and delicious in coffee, and makes THE yummiest peanut hot chocolates.


I enjoy flavour in my coffees but I don't like sugary syrups, which was behind my idea to try peanut milk. 


As well as coffees my peanut milk is a great addition to curries and sauces which usually require coconut milk. It creates a similar texture but a different taste.


Peanut & cashew milk ingredients - water, nuts (prepared using organic peanuts (10%), organic cashews (3%)), a pinch of salt, a few organic dates and water.


Peanut milk may contain traces of nuts, soya, sesame and gluten.



Refill Almond milk 1 litre bottle = £6

Refill Peanut milk 1 litre bottle = £5

Your first glass bottle & lid = £1 

Small nut pulp loaf = is £4.50


Please contact me for wholesale prices.


Please contact me with any questions 


Keep milk refrigerated below 8 degrees. Once open consume within 48 hours or before use by date. For best experience, shake bottle before serving. Ingredients may separate when left to stand.