PLANT BASED EATING: finding the right way for you

Madi Myers (ANutr) of Non-diet nutrition and I are so excited to bring you our plant-based, intuitive eating workshop where we’ll show you how to introduce plant-based eating into your life in a way that's sustainable, compassionate, simple and most importantly enjoyable.


Madi is an MSc qualfied Registered Associate Nutritionist specialising in the intuitive eating - a non-diet approach to nutrition which helps people to have a more peaceful, enjoyable relationship with food and their bodies. Madi works 1-on-1 and with groups helping people to break out of the dieting cycle and get back in touch with their bodies, finding an approach to food and health which makes them feel empowered and in control!


Jo is an ex-BBC Broadcast Television Researcher, turned writer and recipe creator, focussing on plant-based and sustainable living and sharing simple swaps and recipes to help others navigate their unique journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. She is also a mum, wife and long distance runner who is accustomed to juggling the food requests of a busy and demanding household.


We'll help you avoid the overwhelm, forget rigid rules and strict labels and focus on what you can achieve with small daily steps.


Whether you're plant-curious but don't like to cook or a plant-based chef who loves chickpeas and quinoa, this workshop will have something to offer you. We'll be getting into the basics of plant-based nutrition, how intuitive and mindful eating can help you on your journey and sharing some of our favourite easy recipes that pack a plant-powered punch.


We've got so much good stuff to share with you!!


We’ll be holding this 1.5 hour workshop online on Thursday 3rd December from 8-9:30pm. All you need is an Internet connection and the Zoom app, which can be downloaded onto your phone or laptop.


Jo & Madi X


What you'll get from attending the workshop:

1. Our plant-based recipe book packed with 12 delicious recipes.

2. A handy plant-based nutrition guide.

3. A fridge print-out so you can make sure you're covering all the essential nutrients.

4. An introduction to intuitive eating, including tips on how you can integrate this into your life.

5. Tips for making family meals easier.

6. A walk through of the best, simple swaps for meat, dairy and eggs.



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